See what’s happening when you can’t be there

As a business, there are times that you need to ensure things are secure or just going smoothly. With Smartlife business surveillance solutions, you can keep a watchful eye where you need it most.

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Low Light Performance

When the sun goes down, SmartLife camera’s step up with incredible low-light performance.

Full 1080p HD

See the details that matter most, crystal clear high definition.

Never Miss a Moment

Stream the live feed or view up to 2 terabytes of stored footage.

Camera’s for anywhere

From stationary camera’s to ones that move at the touch of a button and cover just what you want to see.

The power of sight.

Enterprise-grade video security that gives you a powerful advantage, Peace of mind and security for your business.  Whether you need to increase safety, prevent theft, or monitor your business, Smartlife has a solution for you.

If you want to have the power of sight from any phone, tablet or computer, send us a message or call Smartlife today.

We specialize in custom tailored solutions

Your business deserves a solution as unique as your business. Automation and security shouldn’t be cookie cutter, treat your business to the tailored approach.

Align your business with Smartlife, the recognized professional’s:

How we help automate and secure businesses in Alberta

How we help automate and secure businesses in Alberta

The services we offer grow almost as fast as the security industry does. Our team of pro's are always up to date with the very latest in security and automation that can help your business succeed.

Automated Blinds

Control hard to reach blinds and even set your blinds to a schedule, opening with the sun and closing at dusk.


From dome cameras to thermal cameral, we have the expertise to give you HD eyes over your business.

Lighting Control

Lights that turn on and off via motion sensors saving money by keeping lights off when not needed.

Climate Control

Set the climate to a schedule or in humidity sensitive zones, know exactly where the room stands and get alerts of any changes.

Access Control

Know who's coming and going and when with Smartlife access control systems.

Power & Switch Relocation

Putting power where you need it and installing switches that make the little parts of your business convenient.


Running cable and providing network access to wherever you might need it.

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