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• Automated Blinds
• Smart Lights
• Camera’s and Surveillance
• Home Security
• Climate Control
• Water & Temperature Sensors

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Powerful security & automation for your home

Automated Smart Blinds

Control your blinds with the touch of a button on your smart device. Hard to reach blinds are no longer a problem anymore!

Set your blinds to automatically open and close with the sun and year-round, your blinds will never need to be touched again!

Your light, your way

Sometimes switches just don’t work, or they control lights you wish they didn’t. With smart lights, you can control lights independently or as part of groups that you decide.

Set your lights to turn on when you get close to home or turn off when you leave your home, they even change colour whenever you want them to!

Indoor and outdoor camera’s to cover every square inch

We’ve got camera’s for every place you can think to put one. Camera’s that swivel, pan, zoom and give you eyes on what’s most important to you.

Protect what matters most

There are a million ways a criminal can enter your home. Let us help you secure your home with sensors that detect criminal activity and loud-sirens and high-powered LED lights that deter criminals in their tracks.

Change the temperature with a touch

Your temperature simplified. The system can even learn your changes and predict the temperature you prefer. Cozy is whatever you want it to be.

Water can be a damaging force. Sensors can help.

With smart water sensors, you are alerted to the slightest bit of water (0.5mm) and paired with an automated water shutoff valve, you can stop the leak before it becomes a flood.

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