Get your water leak protection system today

Automated Water Shutoff Valve

with 4 Water Leak/Temperature Sensors
Rest assured and have peace of mind knowing your house is protected from water damage. Our water valve shutoff valve and water/temperature sensor package will automatically shutoff your water main in the event of a leak!

Prevent water leak damage before it happens

Incidents involving water can be devastating to a home in more ways than one. Prevent having to deal with the huge headache of water damage with moisture sensors and automatic water shutoff valves.

See what makes Smartlife Water Detection so amazing

Real Time Alerts

Immediately after water is detected on one of your sensors you'll receive a notification on your smartphone.

Plug and Play

No additional plumbing is required to install your automatic water shutoff valve as it replaces the manual valve on your main water inlet.

Easily Scalable

Add as many water sensors as you'd like to any room in your home. Each one of them will be able to alert you and control an automatic shutoff valve.

Protect your house from water damage

Leaks & Water Bursts

Detect water collection to as little as 0.5mm in depth, well before any kind of damage could be done to your home.


The water sensor will be able to alert you and turn off the main water inlet before your leak turns into a flood.*

Overflowing Water

Whether your toilet is malfunctioning or someone simply forgot to turn off a faucet, the water detection system will ensure no damage is done to your home.

*Curtis this is where the indemnity goes*