Smart Homes Made Simple

Automate your home for an easier way to live.

Smart Lighting

No more getting out of bed to turn off the lights.   See More

Smart Windows

From Automated Blinds to window break sensors.
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Smart Thermostat

Keep your home at the perfect temperature.   See More

Smoke Detector

Alert loved ones of emergencies.   See More

Temperature Sensors

Know what room is what.   See More

Automatic Water Shutoff

Peace of mind, from anywhere in the world with Wifi.   See More

Moisture Sensors

Make sure it’s dry where it should be.   See More

Smart Locks

Never worry about losing a key again.   See More

Video Doorbell

See who’s at your door from anywhere in the world.   See More

Smart Garage Doors

They remind you when the’ve been left open.   See More

Control things you use everyday and have them transform to suit your day to day needs. Set your lights and blinds to reactively or on a schedule, detect leaks and home breaches, and monitor your temperature all from your phone or hub.
Monitor every part of your home and stay alert in case of an unexpected event. Stay in the know about the general well being of your home and have peace of mind.
Upgrade your internet connection and networking capabilities to make the most of your smart home, while at the same time securing it from the outside.